当学生退学时, 或者不再出席, PG电子APP的所有课程, 学生可能被要求退还/偿还已经或可能已经支付的联邦经济援助的一定比例. The amount of repayment required is based on formulas mandated by the U.S. 联邦政府. 联邦基金可能不得不返还, in order of their required return are Federal Un补贴 Direct Loan, 联邦补贴直接贷款, 联邦PLUS贷款, 联邦佩尔基金和SEOG基金.

当一个学生毕业时, transfers or is no longer enrolled half time at PG电子APP, the student will be responsible for repayment of all Direct 贷款 and Federal 护理 贷款. 直接贷款将在离职后六(6)个月内开始支付,联邦护理贷款将在离职后九(9)个月内开始支付. A student reenrolling in another college within six (6) months after attending Clarkson who is at least a half time student may qualify for deferment of his 贷款 while he is a student at the other college.

PG电子APP根据联邦财政援助规定制定了令人满意的学术进步(SAP)政策. These 规定 require that 学生 maintain 令人满意的学业进展 in their degree program in order to receive federal financial assistance. The purpose of these 规定 is to ensure that limited federal financial assistance is disbursed only to those 学生 who are meeting the academic standards.

以下标准适用于本科和研究生课程的学生,以及继续学习和以前的学生. 所有学生必须达到学术标准,然后联邦援助认证和支付给学生. 联邦财政援助条例规定,在评估进展时,所有入学期间都要计算在内, 不管是否得到了援助.


SAP for financial aid recipients will be calculated after each term of attendance once grades have been verified by the 注册商’s office.


根据联邦财政援助条例的要求, PG电子APP的SAP政策有三个标准,学生的累积学习成绩必须通过这些标准进行比较. 被认为是服从的, 学生必须满足本政策中列出的所有三个标准,以显示毕业的进展.


Standard 1: Pace of Completion (Percent年龄 of attempted credit hours completed successfully)

学生必须达到最低速度. Pace is the percent年龄 of total attempted credit hours that are completed successfully. 通过将成功完成学分的累计数量除以尝试学分的累计数量来计算进度. Grades of A, B, C, D, and P are considered successfully completed for purposes of financial aid. F级, W, WP, WF, NP, and I are considered attempted and not successfully completed for purposes of financial aid.



学生必须达到最低累积GPA. 请参阅学术目录的评分系统部分,了解如何计算累积GPA的更多信息.



A student may not receive financial assistance once he or she has attempted 150 percent of the credit hours required to complete the degree. The total number of credit hours includes courses taken at other institutions which are applied to PG电子APP degree requirements. 例如, 如果学位需要100个学分才能完成, the student may receive financial aid for up to 150 credit hours.



好站: Students who meet all three SAP standards are considered to be in Good Standing. To remain in Good Standing a student must meet all three SAP standards each term. 良好的信誉是一个有资格获得经济援助的状态.

警告: 未能达到一项或多项SAP标准的学生将被给予一个学期的经济援助警告. The student’s academic progress will be verified at the end of the warning period. 警告是一个有资格获得经济援助的状态.

悬架: 警告期满仍未达到SAP标准的学生将被停学. Suspension is a status which is not eligible for federal and non-federal financial aid.

试用期: A student who has been placed on Suspension is eligible to appeal. If the appeal is approved the student will be placed on Probation. 缓刑是一种有资格获得经济援助的状态. 留校察看的学生必须参加一项学术计划, 当后, will ensure the student will meet SAP standards by a specific time. 不符合学业计划条件者,将被永久休学.


被停学的学生有权上诉. Appeals will be considered if the student has experienced circumstances that significantly contributed to his or her failure to meet the minimum standards. 医生出具的证明文件, 辅导员, 学术顾问, 或教员可能包括在内,但不是必需的. 学生必须提交与休学通知一起发送的经济援助学业进展满意申诉表.

The SAP Committee will review the student’s appeal for rein状态ment of financial assistance. 委员会的决定将通过邮件通知学生.

被财政援助委员会拒绝的上诉可以, 应学生的要求, be forwarded to the Director of Student 金融援助 for further review. 主任的决定是最终决定.

Treatment of the Following Types of Courses for 令人满意的学业进展 (SAP)


Audit courses are ineligible for financial aid and do not count toward the number of attempted credits or the number of earned credits.


Repeating a course counts as attempted credit hours (for each time the course is taken) and if credit is earned (repeats as well) then it will also count as completed/earned credit hours in Pace and Maximum Timeframe calculations.


An Incomplete course counts as credit hours attempted but does not count as credit hours completed or earned until a passing grade has been assigned. 不完整的成绩,比如退课,会对学生的学习进度和经济援助资格产生负面影响. 一旦未完成的课程被分配一个最终成绩, 学生的SAP状态将被重新计算. The student will be notified of any changes his or her SAP status.


退课学生退的课程(成绩为W, WP, or WF) counts as credit hours attempted but does not count as credit hours successfully completed.


Credits transferred to PG电子APP from another institution count as attempted and earned credits as well as toward the maximum timeframe but do not affect cumulative GPA.


Advanced Standing Credit is a method by which 学生 can earn credit without completing a course. Credit is granted after the student earns a satisfactory score on an examination or a satisfactory evaluation of the portfolio on the first attempt. 这些学分计入尝试学分和已修学分,并计入最大时间框架,但不影响累积GPA.



PG电子APP does not limit the number of times a student may change his or her major. Credit hours earned for all degrees will be used in calculating SAP standards.


In the RN to MSN program 学生 may have semesters where they enroll in both undergraduate and graduate level coursework at the same time. Students in this program will be evaluated based on the undergraduate SAP policy standards until they have officially graduated with their bachelor’s degree. After that point, 学生 will be evaluated based on the graduate SAP policy standards.


每学期结束后计算一次SAP, 学生 placed on Warning or Suspension will be notified of their status by letter via U.S. mail and a notice sent to his or her official PG电子APP email.


A student who has failed to maintain SAP standards may regain his or her financial aid eligibility (Good Standing) by successfully completing sufficient semester hours and/or attaining the required cumulative grade point aver年龄. 学生在达到SAP标准后的一个学期才有资格获得经济援助.



PG电子APP学生金融服务专业人员(包括任何在金融援助办公室工作的人), 学生账户 or Fiscal Services) is expected to always maintain exemplary standards of professional conduct in all aspects of carrying out his or her responsibilities, 具体包括与学生金融服务中以任何方式涉及的任何实体的所有交易, regardless of whether such entities are involved in government sponsored, 补贴, 或受管制的活动. In doing so, Student Financial Services professionals will ensure that:

  1. No action will be taken by Student Financial Services staff that is for their personal benefit or could be perceived to be a conflict of interest.
    1. 学生金融服务部门的员工不会向自己或其直系亲属提供资助. 工作人员 will reserve this task to an institutionally designated person, 为了避免出现利益冲突.
    2. 如果提供了首选贷方列表, 它将在没有偏见的情况下编制,并仅为就读该机构的学生提供利益. The information included about lenders and loan terms will be transparent, complete and accurate. 选定优先贷款机构的完整过程将全面公开披露. 借款人不会被自动分配给任何特定的贷款人.
    3. 借款人对贷款机构的选择不会被拒绝, 阻碍, 或者被机构不必要地拖延, even if that lender is not included on the institutions preferred lender list.
    4. 没有多少现金, gift or benefit in excess of a de minimis amount shall be accepted by a Student Financial Services staff member from any financial aid applicant (or his/her family), or from any entity doing business with or seeking to do business with the institution (including service on advisory committees or boards beyond reimbursement for reasonable expenses directly associated with such service).
  2. Information provided by the Student Financial Services department is accurate, 无偏见的, and does not reflect preference arising from actual or potential personal gain.
  3. 机构奖励通知和/或其他教学提供的材料应包括以下内容:
    1. A breakdown of individual components of the institution’s 出勤费用, 指定所有可能的收费.
    2. 明确每项奖励的标识,表明援助的类型.e. 赠予援助(助学金、奖学金)、工作或贷款.
    3. Standard terminology and definitions, using NASFAA’s glossary of 奖 letter terms.
    4. 每项奖励的续期要求.
  4. All required consumer information is displayed in a prominent location on the institutional web site and in any printed materials easily identified and found, 并标注为“消费者信息”.”
  5. Student Financial Services professionals will disclose to PG电子APP any involvement, 兴趣, 或与与该机构有业务关系的任何实体存在潜在的利益冲突.

The primary goal of Student Financial Services professional is to assist 学生 in achieving their educational goals through financial support and resources. Student Financial Services professionals are required to exemplify the highest level of ethical behavior and demonstrate the highest level of professionalism and shall:


  • 保持对影响学生的问题的意识,并在机构中不断倡导他们的利益, 州一级和联邦一级.
  • 支持联邦, 国家和机构努力鼓励学生渴望和计划高中以后的教育.


  • 致力于最高水平的道德行为,避免利益冲突或其感知.
  • 诚实、公正地对待他人, 遵守我们的承诺,始终以一种值得他人信任和信心的方式行事.
  • 保护学生个人财务记录的隐私.
  • 促进思想和意见的自由表达, 培养对行业内不同观点的尊重.


  • Commit to removing financial barriers for those who want to pursue postsecondary learning and support each student admitted to our institution.
  • Without charge, assist 学生 in applying for financial aid funds.
  • Provide services and apply principles that do not discriminate on the basis of race, 性别, 种族, 性取向, 宗教, 残疾, 年龄, 或者经济地位.
  • Understand the need for financial education and commit to educate 学生 and families on how to responsibly man年龄 expenses and debt.


  • 遵守所有适用的联邦法律法规, 状态, 以及机构财政援助项目.
  • 积极参与正在进行的专业发展和继续教育计划,以确保充分了解法规, 规定, 以及管理财政援助项目的最佳做法.
  • 鼓励同事参加国家提供给他们的经济援助专业协会, 区域, or national level and offer assistance to other aid professionals.


  • 为我们的学生和家长提供他们在上大学和支付大学费用方面做出正确决定所需的信息.
  • Educate 学生 and families through quality information that is consumer-tested when possible. This includes (but is not limited to) transparency and full disclosure on 奖 notices.
  • Ensure equity by applying all need-analysis formulas consistently across the institution’s full population of student financial aid applicants.
  • 通知机构, 学生, 以及家长,任何可能影响其学生援助资格的经济援助项目的变化.


  • Ensure that student and parent private information provided to the Student Financial Services department by financial aid applicants is protected in accordance with all 状态 and federal statutes and 规定, 包括FERPA和高等教育法, 第483(a)(3)(E) (20 U.S.C. 1090).
  • 通过确保这些信息仅用于应用程序,保护FAFSA上的信息免受不当使用, 奖, and administration of aid 奖ed under Title IV of the Higher 教育 Act, 国家援助, 或由符合条件的院校资助.

The purpose of this policy is to comply with a new federal mandate relating to identity theft. It requires creditors who have entered into business arrangements that meet the definition of “covered account” to establish an identity theft prevention program. Although we believe the risk of identity theft is low at PG电子APP, 我们相信,实施预防计划符合我们的学生和我们所服务的人的最佳利益. 查看完整的防止身份盗窃政策